Why Veron :

Quality and experience of faculty members:

At veron,we have highly qualified and best faculty members who do not only possess 5-10 years of teaching experience in their fields but also have qualified UGC .Our commerce specialist Madam Rohini puri was herself a topper in masters in commerce.Adding more about her,she has been a district level winner in declamation nationwide and a renownned press reporter.Also, the other faculty members are achievers in their master degrees and some are even pursuing P.hD.One of our faculty members has also presented paper in Indonesia in Asia Pacific Peace Research Association.

Small batches size:

Unlike the other institutes ,students here are settled in the small batches in such a way which doesn’t hamper their concenteration while studying so that the teachers can also attend to the individual problems of the students and the learners do not feel hesitated while asking any of the questions.

Quality of study materials:

Upto date notes and latest study material is provided to the students along with the notes of the important and most expected questions,assignments,combined,weekly and full test series so that the students do not face any problem in their final exams.

Coaching with paper perspective:

Imparting comprehensive and indepth knowledge is the sole aim of the faculty at veron but all these things are done by keeping in mind the exams and the exam pattern.That’s why, the pupils not not get excellent results in their grades but also get motivated for appearing in the competitive exams.

Individual monitoring:

As far as the excellence is concerned,individual monitoring is an integral part of the classes.All the students are assessed separately and their problems are resolved on regular basis.

Full time teacher faculty availability:

Students are not supposed to wait for any particular day to ask their doubts to the educators owing to the fact that the institute lets the educatees solve their academic queries at any time when the teacher is present in the institute.

Only institute providing integrated courses:

12th is the most prominent class of the school life of a child.Being a board and a career deciding class ,everyone wants to get best grades in it and so searching for the best coaching centre in the region becomes the topmost priority of all.
The best answer to all such questions is Veron institute,Rani ka bagh,Amritsar.Learning here is done with the highly qualified and well experienced faculty along with the provision of free comprehensive notes and multiple series for tests.
Specially the pupils belonging to commerce stream are provided with the classes for CA foundation.Owing to the fact that different learners relating to distinct boards that is ICSE,CBSE,PSEB come here ,special attention is being paid to each and every student to cater their varying requirements.

Main subjects :

  1. Accountancy
  2. Business studies
  3. Economics
  4. Statistics
  5. English

Detailed syllabus of all subjects :

As per pseb :
Accountancy :
1st part is mandatory for all though students may choose any one from 2nd and 3rd part.


  1. Accounting for non profit organization organization
  2. Accounting for partnership
  3. Reconstitution or partnership
  4. Dissolution or partnership firm


  1. Accounting for share capital and debentures
  2. Analysis of financial statements
  3. Statement of changes in financial position


  1. Overview of computerized accounting system
  2. Using computerized accounting system
  3. Accounting using DBMS
  4. Accounting application of electronic spreadsheet

Business Economics & Quantitative Methods :

Part 1- Business statistics:

  1. Measures of central tendency
  2. Measures of dispersion and skewness
  3. Index number
  4. Correlation and regression analysis

Part 2- Introductory macroeconomics:

  1. National income and related aggregates
  2. Determination of income and employment
  3. Money and banking
  4. Government budget and the economy
  5. Balance of payments

Business Studies :

  1. Nature and significance of management
  2. Principles of management
  3. Business environment
  4. Planning
  5. Organisation
  6. Staffing
  7. Directing
  8. Coordination
  9. Controlling
  10. Business Finance
  11. Financial markets
  12. Marketing
  13. Consumer protection
  14. Entrepreneurship development

Fundamentals of E-business :

  1. Fundamental of information and technology
  2. Introduction to electronic commerce
  3. E-payments
  4. E-security
  5. E-banking
  6. E-trading
  7. E-marketing



  1. Accounting for not for profit organisation
  2. Accounting for partnership firms-Basic concepts
  3. Reconstitution of a partnership firm - Admission , retirement/death of a partner
  4. Dissolution of partnership firm


  1. Accounting for share capital
  2. Issue and redemption of debentures
  3. Financial statements of a company
  4. Analysis of financial statements
  5. Accounting ratios
  6. Cash flow statement

Business Studies :

  1. Nature and significance of management
  2. Principles of management
  3. Business environment
  4. Planning
  5. Organising
  6. Staffing
  7. Directing
  8. Controlling
  9. Financial management
  10. Financial markets
  11. Marketing
  12. Consumer protection
  13. Entrepreneurship development


Part A - Microeconomics

  1. Introduction to microeconomics
  2. Theory of consumer behaviour
  3. Production and costs
  4. The theory of firm under competition
  5. Market equilibrium
  6. Non-competitive markets

Part B - Macroeconomics

  1. Introduction to macroeconomics
  2. Natural income accounting
  3. Money and banking
  4. Determination of income and employment
  5. Government budget and economy
  6. Open economy macroeconomics



  1. Partnership
  2. Joint stock company
  3. Analysis of financial statement
  4. Cash flow statement and ratio analysis


  1. Microeconomics and Microeconomics : Introduction
  2. Demand and Law of Demand
  3. Theory of Consumer Behaviour
  4. Elasticity of Demand
  5. Supply
  6. Market Mechanism
  7. Laws of Returns
  8. Cost and Revenue Analysis
  9. Forms of Market
  10. Producer’s Equilibrium
  11. Determination of Equilibrium Price and Output Under Perfect Competition
  12. Theory of Income and Employment
  13. Money:Meaning and Functions
  14. Banks : Commercial Banks and Central Bank
  15. Balance of Payment
  16. Fiscal Policy
  17. Government Budget
  18. National Income and Circular Flow of Income
  19. National Income Aggregates
  20. Measurement of National Income

Commerce /Business Studies :

  1. Business environment
  2. Financial Management
  3. Sources of Finance for a joint Stock Company
  4. Banking-Latest Trends
  5. Management
  6. Principles of Management
  7. Functions of Management and Coordination
  8. Planning
  9. Organising
  10. Staffing
  11. Directing
  12. Controlling
  13. Nature and functions of marketing
  14. Marketing mix
  15. Consumer protection

last year question papers :

Question sets from 2014- 2019 along with the solutions of distinct subjects for different boards can be downloaded easily from the links given below :

1.Accountancy :

For CBSE :
For ISC :

2. Business Studies :

For ISC :

3. ECONOMICS & Statistics: