Basics of Computer Fundamentals course begins with basic concepts and builds quickly to intermediate skills and techniques. Practical, hands-on tutorials enable students to develop their skills, one step at a time. Each lesson in the course has an objective which is achieved through tutorials.



Introduction to Computers and its Applications :

  • Milestones in Hardware and Software.
  • Computer as a system, basic concepts, functional units and their interrelation.
  • Introduction to Computers and its Applications


Interacting with the Computer: Input Devices: Keyboard, mouse, pens, touch screens, Bar Code reader, joystick, source data automation, (MICR, OMR, OCR), screen assisted data entry: portable / handheld terminals for data collection, vision input systems. Output Devices: Monitor, Serial line page printers, plotters, voice response units. Data Storage Devices and Media: Primary storage (Storage addresses and capacity, type of memory), Secondary storage, Magnetic storage devices and Optical Storage Devices.


MS–Word : Overview, creating, saving, opening, importing, exporting and inserting files, formatting pages, paragraphs and sections, indents and outdents, creating lists and numbering. Headings, styles, fonts and font size Editing, positioning and viewing texts, Finding and replacing text, inserting page breaks, page numbers, bookmarks, symbols and dates. Using tabs and tables, header, footers and printing.

MS–Power Point : Presentation overview, entering information, Presentation creation, opening and saving presentation, inserting audio and video.



  • Quality and experience of faculty members
  • Small batches sizes (maximum 35)
  • Quality of study materials
  • Coaching with paper point of view
  • Students providing study material for Board Exam / Entrance exam free of cost
  • Full-time teacher faculty availability
  • Only institute providing Integrated courses
  • Individual mentoring