Overview of Computer Graphics : Applications of Computer Graphics, Raster–Scan displays, Random–Scan displays, Color CRT Monitors, Flat–Panel Displays; Video Controller, Display Processor, Common Graphic Input and Output devices, Graphic File Formats. Output Primitives: DDA, Bresenham Line Algorithm; Bresenham and Midpoint Circle drawing algorithms; Midpoint Ellipse Algorithm; Flood and Boundary Filing; Two Dimensional Geometric Transformation: Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Reflection; Matrix representations; Composite transformations.


Two Dimensional Viewing : Viewing coordinate reference frame; Window to Viewport coordinate transformation, Point Clipping; Cohen–Sutherland and Liang–Barskey Algorithms for line clipping; Sutherland–Hodgeman algorithm for polygon clipping. Three Dimensional Transformations: Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Reflection and composite transformations.


Three Dimensional Viewing : Projections: Parallel and Perspective, Viewing Transformation: View Plan, View Volumes and Clipping. Curves and Surfaces: Parametric representation, Bezier and B–Spline curves. Color Models: Properties of Light, Intuitive Color Concepts, RGB Color Model, CMY Color Model, HLS and HSV Color Models, Conversion between RGB and CMY color Models, Conversion between HSV and RGB color models, Color Selection and Applications.


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