Groups and Rings : Groups, monoids, and Submonoids, Semi group, Subgroups and Cosets. Congruence relations in semi groups. Morphisms. Normal subgroups. Cyclic groups, permutation groups, dihedral groups, Rings, subrings, morphism of rings, ideals and quotient rings.


Graph Theory : Graphs and Multigraphs, Subgraphs, Isomorphic and Homeomorphic Graphs, Paths, Connectivity, Bridges of Konigsberg, Transversable Multigraphs, Labeled and Weighted Graphs, Complete, regular and Bipartite Graphs, Tree graphs, Planar Graphs, Graph Colorings, Representing Graphs in Computer Memory. Directed Graphs: Sequential Representation of Directed Graphs, Warshall’s Algorithm, Shortest Paths, Linked Representation of Directed Graphs, Rooted Trees, Graph Algorithms, Depth–first and Breadth–first searches, Directed Cycle–Free Graphs, Topological Sort, Pruning Algorithm for Shortest Path. Binary Trees: Complete and Extended trees, Representing trees in memory, Transversing trees, Search trees, Heaps, path Lengths, Huffman’s Algorithm.


Lattices and Boolean Algebra : Partially ordered sets, lattices and its properties, lattices as algebraic systems, sub–lattices, direct products, Homomorphism, some special lattices (complete, complemented, distributive lattices). Boolean algebra as lattices, Boolean identities, sub–algebra, Boolean forms and their equivalence, sum of product, product of some canonical forms. Recurrence Relations and Generating Functions: Polynomial expressions, telescopic form, recursion theorem, closed form expression, generating function, solution of recurrence relation using generating function.


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