Are you looking for the best NEET Chemistry study material? So, here we are!! Choosing the top NEET-UG study material is the most difficult process. But don’t worry, we’ll provide you with the best collection of NEET Chemistry books to assist you in passing the NEET UG exam with flying colours. The initial goal of each NEET applicant is to select the Best NEET Preparation Books. There are a plethora of books available for NEET preparation.

NEET is one of the most difficult entrance exams in India for which Lakhs of students appear every year. Unfortunately, only a few hundred students can crack NEET and secure a seat in their desired medical colleges. We think this says a lot about the type of competition every aspiring medical student has to go through to fulfill his/her dream of becoming a good doctor. Whether you’re a class 11th student who’s just starting the NEET journey or a 12th student who’s going to appear for the NEET exam in the coming months, you all seriously need to buckle up. 

To crack the NEET exam, all you need is hard work and the right strategy! NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a cut-throat competition that has given rise to the need for NEET Coaching Classes to pay special attention to the medical aspirants and prepare them well for exams. The tips and techniques are not easy to understand on your own and so NEET coaching plays an essential role in cracking the NEET exams.

Prior to purchasing any book, understudies should remember that the book's substance should help them in expanding their insight into the subjects. They should likewise comprehend the methodologies and techniques presented in the books to address the hardships successfully.

Have you at any point asked why experts and earlier year's scorers lay such a lot of accentuation on NCERT reading material? In the event that not, then, at that point, how about we keep on knowing why.

“A book is a device that can light up your dreams.”


NCERT, the sacred book for NEET 2022 Preparation

During the last educational committee assessments, understudies totally handle NCERT course readings of Class 11 and 12 to get the best rate. The equivalent is in NEET on the grounds that NCERT course books for the Class 11 and 12 barricades make a significant level of the NEET Syllabus. As an outcome, experts and top scorers accentuate NCERT reading material. These are among the best books for NEET understudies to become familiar with the various themes shrouded in the test. It doesn't, in any case, cover all spots. Accordingly, understudies need to exceed all expectations and investigate different NEET-related materials to find out about things like this.



NEET Chemistry

NEET Chemistry schedule is separated into three units-Inorganic science, Organic science and Physical science. The NEET Chemistry Exam involves 45 inquiries (180 imprints). Area A covers Organic and Physical science with 35 inquiries to respond to. Then again, Section B comprises of 15 inquiries in light of Inorganic science, with understudies having the decision of noting just 10 of them.

For each exact reaction, four focuses are granted, while for each wrong response, one point is deducted.

Have you investigated any extra review materials for the NEET 2022 test? In the event that not, then, at that point, concentrate on these books for NEET Chemistry to accomplish an outstanding outcome!!

Best NEET Chemistry Books for 2022


Section-Wise Reference books for NEET Chemistry Exam

Physical Chemistry implies numerical and computation. Physical Chemistry mainly focuses on four topics: redox, chemical and ionic equations, electrochemistry and liquid solutions.

NCERT (Textbook) Chemistry – Class 11 & 12

Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon

Physical Chemistry by P. Bahadur

Organic Chemistry accounts for a significant portion of NEET Chemistry since the repetition of questions from this subject is higher, reflecting maximum weight-age. The most important chapter in this section is “General Organic Chemistry” students must thoroughly revise this chapter. This chapter covers most questions in the exam and hence must be understood and mastered. Here are some of the best NEET reference books for “General Organic Chemistry”:



NCERT (Textbook) Chemistry – Class 11 & 12

Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd (for reaction mechanisms)

Organic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon

Organic Chemistry Objective by Arihant (for practising problems)

Inorganic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon

Concise Inorganic Chemistry (for Chemical Bonding, Atomic Structure and Coordination Chemistry)

Importance of NEET-UG Chemistry Reference books

NEET Chemistry reference books play an important role in exam preparation.

Yes, reference books are necessary because NCERT books teach you the fundamentals; you need to supplement your skills with other additional reference materials to pass NEET-UG.

The NEET-UG Chemistry portion has multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and merely studying NCERT texts will not help you answer the MCQs correctly. As a result, objective books besides NCERT textbooks must be used for practice.

You can use reference materials to help you answer questions in the given timeframe.

These reference materials will assist you in understanding the test format, examination difficulty level, marking scheme, and other examination elements.

Did you use any of the above-mentioned books for your NEET Chemistry exam? If you haven’t, we’ll offer you additional reasons why you should read these books!! Continue reading…

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