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Business studies is the academic discipline concerned with the study of business, and it encompasses a wide range of fields such as accounting, marketing, finance, organizational studies, and operations. In a constantly changing global environment, business is a complex process that combines technology, natural resources, and human initiative. Business Studies at the CBSE Class 12 level develops an understanding of the principles and practices governing business (trade and industry) and their relationship with society.

Business Studies for Class 12 Commerce covers a wide range of concepts and advanced information about the subject, including the questions covered in the Business Studies syllabus. A piece of helpful business knowledge can influence an organization's growth, earnings, personal development, and people's daily lives. The business has a significant impact on our standard of living, quality of life, and the environment we live in.


Veron Coaching Classes for Business Studies


Veron Institute provides business studies classes for various and state boards in the commerce stream for students in class 12th.

Business Studies is a relatively simple and enjoyable subject. In B.ST, 100% marks are possible in Class 12th Board Exams. The faculty at Veron Institute pays close attention to the most recent examination pattern and thoroughly covers Case Study based questions. Veron offers a Question Bank of 1000+ questions set following CBSE Updates and Guidelines. For better understanding, students are taught B.ST through presentations and videos. Our Face-to-Face Classes provide the Best Learning Infrastructure.

Veron Institute's study materials are prepared following CBSE Syllabus and NCERT Textbooks, and questions practiced in class have a high chance of appearing in the Board Exam. As a result, Veron Institute is ranked as one of the Best Institutes of Commerce.


Why Veron Institute is Best for Class 12 Business Studies?

  • Individualized, conceptual, and high-quality instruction
  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire curriculum with complete comprehension
  • High-quality notes help students learn more effectively and revise more quickly.
  • Mock Tests are given regularly to assess students' progress.
  • Special Doubt-Removal Session

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Why Veron Institute?

  • Top Skilled & Experienced Faculty Members
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Online classes
  • Regular classes and assignment
  • Weekend doubt classes
  • Mid-week/ weekly tests and revision to assess the growth of the students.
  • Online tests are available for students (Free)