In order to compete with today’s world, children must be prepared from a very early age. Primary school plays an important role in moulding a child’s mind. At this tender age, they have hungry minds and thus they grasp or learn things faster. Successful Primary education is the key to each child’s bright future. As early as four or five years, the children grew up in the home, so in order to inculcate the ethics in children it’s better to provide them the quality education at home.

Takshila learning assists you in this by providing Online Live Classes for primary school students from Nursery to Class 5th so that children can learn easily with our interactive classes by staying at their home with no more worries of finding the best teacher or school for correct guidance or help in studies. So Learning will be easier now!!

Live Classes actually provides two-way interaction between the student and the tutor where students can easily interact with tutor and learn by staying in the comfort zones of their home as it’s a combination of a video call and a classroom atmosphere – which we called as a virtual classroom. We provide a platform that uses an interactive whiteboard and other great features that makes learning from Live Classes easier, interactive and economical.

Finally on the verge of middle school starting, kids become excited to finally enter middle school. But that also means a 360 degree transformation of the curriculum. To sync with Class 6 syllabus, Class 5 provides a whirlwind transition and we, at Takshila Learning, help them brace themselves for the impact. We inculcate excitement in the hearts of our students instead of fear for middle and senior classes.

As a part of our live online classes, we do not throw your kid in the adult swimming pool to help them learn swimming. We provide tailored lessons per the needs of our kids.

The constant theme across subjects in the Class 5 syllabus changes to India and its diversity, and wellness of the things and people around us.

We, at Takshila Learning, aim to impart more than what the Class 5 syllabus has to offer. Takshila Learning focuses on building their approach to smart learning. We shape their personalities by inculcating different perspectives to approach a subject in our live online classes.

We intend on teaching your kid the Class 5 syllabus, but more importantly, life skills because we intend on shaping your kid’s future to the best way possible.

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